Saturday, December 07, 2002

BORING!!! I'm very bored. I don't have anything else to do, so im writing in here and listening to Good Charolette. It's a really good cd mayn. I have to burn it for Byn and Ria. and Me if my brother lets me. hmm..Last night, or should I say this morning I was talking to Ria on the phone. That was really late. my rentals were getting mad at me. So yeh, after i hung up the phone with Ria I stayed online for a while, probably 30 more min. Then went over to my couch and watched Sister Sister. 2 Episodes then I feel asleep on the couch when my brother just got home.deng he came home late. I woke up then I so my Momma makin some good breakfast food for me. hehe yay! Never had bacon in a loonnggg time. hahaa. After I ate I went online then Uncle John came! YaY! hehe..hes so funny. me, my parents, and Uncle John watched The Wedding Planner on DvD. I dunnno we were bored. I was thinking about Erika and her unexpected visits. hahha. that funny girl. We used to dance them disney songs : Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid songs in Jonards house. hahaa.. that was my funny childhood. hahaha..well anyways.. I called Byn 'cause i was bored. I felt like i haven't talked to that funny girl on the phone lately. hmm.. People were busy today. Me & Byn were trying to call Ria, leaving her funny messages. probably like 4..i dunno it was funny. We tried calling Alisha, Darlene, ReL ( We talked to him for a little bit but he had to leave mannit) and yeah. Hmm.. I need to buy other peoples gifts. I love shopping and getting tired of walking around the mall looking for peoples gift. shootness. hmm.. deng, im goin crazy crazy crazy just missin my little Scrump. haha i dunno i miss her. mannit. noit fair. i swear i left it in Rancho. maynn.. hmm .. im talking to REi on the phone. hookin him up with dem gutiars minus the s.hmm... Tomorrow im going to do some community service at the ClubHouse, selling them donuts..haha have to go there at 7 a.m shootness . ... i feel like drinking a vanilla creme from starbucks maynn.. hmm.. i bet u be gettin bored up in herrr...well im out like a mug because ur funny like a bunny - RaE, CHeL
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIA!Finally you get your present. It's your dancing mouse singing "Happy Birthday", wearing a tie and has drums sticks. yay. best gift. and also got you 5 pair of balloons you big laughing stock of wood. haaaaa. Well I went to school. Me, Casey,Ria, Patty, & April had our little Prayer Service in 8th grade. haha we really messed up in some parts. We didn't really go over anything. I just assigned the parts they had to read when we were preparing the table. haha. Me & Patty mostly sang the songs.I heard Ria a little, jsut a little bit. Wuta low voice. Scream too much Ria. but u have to practice. hehe yeah. Me & Byn were so lucky to do our newspaper reports. I did it, but she didn't. So lucky mayn.. So yeah Today we got to bring our little Kindergartens to the Christmas Bazar also known as the " Winter Wonderland". hehe .Her name was Kristen. So cute. I loved her hair. Baby hair. hehee. Shes so smart too.. hehe. My mother was wrapping gifts and also Ashley Robles. Deng, Red chucks! yah! haha. I didn't want to shop for myself because i think those gifts are ghetto. people say that the gifts they had were expensive. haha and also Mr. Humphrey came to our class to talk about who stole a key chain in the Christmas Bazar. So stupid. Its just one little key chain. haha Giving our school a bad name. hehe. anyways my mother bought WingWorks. I had to get it in her car which took a me a long time to walk around the school to get to the car. Felt like i was ditching school. I said to Daisy" aye Daisy! Let's Ditch school" and she was all up for it. i was like nooo i was just playin. But yeah really you can really ditch, but thats wrong. ive never ditched school. only on sick days. heheh..okai yay...we had a science test. open note. i didnt some of the questions, i was to lazy. haha..and yes! last day of safety patrol. yesss.. 2 weeks, a good job done. mannit. hmm.. then yeah im home. Bored, talking to ria on the phone @ 12:47 a.m. She lost her voice screaming in her room. haha.,.. i put that on my blog Ria. haha.. you laughing stock of wood. I MISS SCRUMP! Scrump is taking a vaction with my cousin. Hes as you will call it, traveling. I do really miss him. I can't sleep at night sometimes. hmmm!!! not fair. but he needs to travel and see the world out there. without me. hehe well if your listening Scrump! I love you very much! Yall think im weird huh? well thats me. ahaaha live with it. Dude me and Byn were talking on the phone and we thought of going to St. Ritas to see Emilio and Daisy perform. hahaha We never saw Emilio dance before. deng, warning mah ass. okai here Ria, here is my language: im going to say ghetto in my language.: jaklahgkhtgeiijhbdghehyheydwjemjquckahgjgyeheotjhfndegdjshfkfhfskfjsjyfhfnejheiyjfosuisfsiufost ueurejrhgyeyafaroeuerjhehheheyfhehheusaauuihljuierieuriaheypunkeiuareaiclag That's Nothing like a Bunny! --- New pharse for today. Top down chromes Spinnin' Im out like mug yo it aint that BI. - RaE

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

HELLO! Hey people. Hmm.. sorry, haven't blogged in a while since i went to L.A / Rancho Cucamonga. Hmm.. Wellll on that Saturday Me, REi, My momma, my Auntie and Uncle, My Grandma, and Rich went to Ontario Mills but didn't play drums because we had to leave but yeh went to a lot stores and had a lot of laughs along the way. haha.. me and REi's funny crap thangs. haha hmm.. Well we went to browse for Christmas gifts. REi is almost done ..he just needs to get Rich's gift. I still have a long list to go. Mannit. I don't have to rush. but anyways yeah that day was fun.. Let's name all of them shall we? (Me & REi's fuNNy crap) : Cas Cas!, I Feel a Sin Coming On (book), in Pac Sun saying 2 Pac higher and higher, aahh i cant think...umm Snowmen, Dae, Felicia Calotta ( Is that how u spell it?) FeLotta Calicia ,hahah! that's all i remember. hahaaaa.. hmm.. and on the next day, which was Saturday was bananas. Hmm when I woke up i ate some Golden Grahams hahha watched tv with Rich and waited for REi to wake his ass up ! haha hmm.. well um Auntie Fe and all those Aunties came over to eat some good food and also talk crap about us children. I heard they said something about me in tagalog. hahhaa.. hmm well me and REi planned to go watch a movie in that ghetto area where we went one time. haha So RT drove us that lazy ass freak..naww im jus playin man! hahhaaa dancing in his room..i think tthat cd was NAZ. hhaha anywho we went there and there wasnt any good movies out. There was Santa Claus 2, That Adam Sandler movie, Die Another Day, etc. ..hha yeah so we walked to Verison Wireless to ask if they could fix REi's cellie. haha umm yeah then we went to Starbucks. I said my name was DAE. haha Ryan's Mami. hahha wuta gay. yeah i got a Vanilla Creme. Yummmy! It does kind of taste like ice cream REi but there if caffine in that shit! hahaaa umm.. well then we went to Mcdonalds to get some grub. you knoe. haha ghetto talking. umm i got some $1 chicken McNuggets. hehe and REi got a meal of a BigMac,drink, and fries. hmm.. Then we went to BestBuy, just to browse and crap. Then we had to leave and then i had to go to home sweet home. Well ya! That was my Rancho Cucamonga Weekend. hahaa.. hmm GRR !!! Science Projects! Makin me sick! gosh dengit. hmmm.. haha yay! We have fine arts tommorrow! Thank goodness! Well gotta do my homework! and IF TRIA IS READING THIS CRAP! I AM STILL NOT TELLING WHAT I GOT HER FOR HER BIRTHDAY! WAIT LITTLE GIRL! HAHAHA.. RocK oUt!!!!!!