Friday, November 29, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving Well, yesterday me and my family went to Hometown Buffet to eat some good oL' food. hehe.. it was funny because me and my brother Bo made fun of people who kinda looked like Brandy, Monica, Ludacris, Brian Mcknight, hehe umm Nelly and i forgot the rest but we had a good time. I have to say that me and my family got a little bit more closer. Seriously it made me think why i love them so much. hehe. hmm.. well but something terrible happened that day. My mom didnt feel good on our way home, i know when she doesnt feel good from how she would always cover her mouth and moan..So my dad drove as fast as he can to Paradise Valley Hospital. We walked into the Emergency Room and went in the Waiting Room to wait for my Mom. I felt worried about her because i didnt know what had happened and what went wrong. I was thinking its Thanksgiving and things like this can't happen on this day. But hopefully i prayed while I waited and knew that everything was going to be alright and i guess it kinda did. My Dad found out that it was just her blood sugar that was high, it was about 225. thats pretty high. Hmm.. well Today me and my mom went to my dad's work to drop off some Church's Chicken for him and his co-workers. Just to be nice and generous i guess. hmm.. then me and my mom went to the wonderful store, Target. hehe. I bought Ria's birthday not goin say because if she might read this damn thing. haha. hmm.. I bought Brigit a gift.. aww that little cute girl. love her. umm..we bought a very colorful little Christmas Tree to put in our kitchen. umm.. and deng they didnt really have any new books in store. but hey i still need to read Lucky, almost done with it..half way. hmm.. then we finally developed the pictures! haha...funny funny pictures.. I have to scan maynn.. hehe.. and theres two pictures of ReL and Ria kissin their heads off shootness. hehe..umm me and scrump..Dai, Kris, me and i forgot are all up with Tria..haha that was on the Fine Arts Performance day. haha funny and Me and that cute Little Boy (haha Kyx) and me and Kyx doing our rock out poses..hahaaa. hmm.. Then we went back home waited for Bo so we could go to Westfield. hmm I nearly feel asleep while listening to Finch and Sum41 (Does This Look Infected?). My Stereo was loud but i didnt know why i feel asleep..hmm.. then my brother came in my room and said wake up RAC! im like whattt? then he left..and i feel asleep again..hahaa...but i finally woke up at 2 o' clock. hehe i think i slept for like an hour? i think.hmm.. then we left to go to the wonderfulest Westfield, Plaza mall. haha..As you know, a lottta shoppers and many many sales. Christmas is comin' BABY! yay! haha hmm..hmm i couldn't find a gift for Ann, which was sad., My mom told me that we have to get her present another time. haha..i was mostly buying things for myself. haha i hate that feeling, knowing that u have to buy gifts but the things that your getting people is what you want and ur greedy like that..haha i dont know..i just hate that feeling. haha i bought a christmas type tie in Anchor Blue/ Millers Outpost. hehe and my momma bought socks.hmm.. and OMG! me and my mom were about to go into Hot Topic, but iwas saw that gurl who worked there and i asked my mom if we could go to FootLocker instead. and my mom was all like WHYY? and im like ..ohh.. ill get my friends gifts later on haha deng, my heart was beating like crazy, aahhhh i hate this.. sucks mayn! i wanted to buy some real gifts for my friends but gosh that girl just had to work on that day. shootness. hmm.. my brother bought some Hurley Sweaters and Shirts at Mr.Rags and we bought a ECkO Sweater for RT. hmm.. I didnt see anything there i liked but deng they cheaped us maynn haha they cheaped our ass. shootness cuz we were kinda confused if you get a one sweater and you get the other sweater for 20 dollars.i have no idea what im talking about but lets go on. umm.. my brother said he was Byn walking with her mom..hmm i think it was her that called my name.. because when i turned around i didnt see anybody who looked familiar..hmm.. well i didnt see her. sad man. umm.. hmm we were hungry so we went to eat in the foot court. i was very hungry, i think i just ate that Chruch's Chicken Sandwich and some Soup for breakfast..hmm well i ate Toyko Teryiki and got some Pink Lemonade. ouch and my mom and my brother got some sandwiches at that one place. umm then they went back to Mr. Rags and talked to that man and explained why they got charged and stuff while i was still eating and drinking..hmm did i mention that there were some fine ass guys there? damn i was like hellllooo. man. everywhere i turn theres another hot guy.. hahaa.funny. hmm..well after all the shopping and shopping we were worn out and went back home. hmm well that was today.. tommorrow i might go to L.A to visit my cousins and probably play some drums in Ontario Mills. whoo hoo!!! drums! i need drums mannit! u dont know how much i need it! i mean helloo!! sorry this is long but ill blog soon! probably when im at L.A i miss my cousins so much! hah well.. i g2g my hands our tired from typing this. well bye! peace and smoothies - RaE pLuS ScruMp