Friday, November 22, 2002

Let me see that sexy body go Bum Bum Bum.. b2k. Yeah, freaky song. Deng, J Boog was hot in that music video. Speaking of music video. Don't miss Justin Timberlake's new music video of his next up coming single, "Cry Me a River" on MTV @ 3:30 this Tuesday. YaY! Ain't nobody love ya like i love ya. Sorry, I'm still a Nsync fan. True fan all the way! hmm.. We had a 8th grade parent/teacher meeting @ 6:00 p.m. I went because most people would be there. That was kinda short. It just took like 1 hour. I wanted to stay longer. haha me, Jos, and Marestel ran through the lovely fog which was very scary because I couldn't really see anything. Ahh! The Ring! haha.. My hair! hehe. Well, after that was done me and my wonderful, loving parents went to Costco. hehe.. I've never been there in a long time. haha. I bought that cool book Byn got, "Lucky". Yeah and I got some good oL' Chicken Bake. haha. hmm.. Yeah and now I'm home. Talking to people online and stuffz like that. I need to read and look at my new IKEA Magazine. hehe. I love IKEA. shootness, best store man. Well anywho. Until Next Time! This is RaE signning off. GoodBye!

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

I'm SCARED.. like REALLY... aahhh...Well, let's see, On Sunday I went to Sweetwater with Ria and ReL. Very kool, kind of.. sorta a loner. shoot..haha but it's alright. Nobody will ever like. but hey that was a great day. hmm.. let's see my Mom dropped me off at Ria's house and then we went to Sweetwater. We met ReL at Wunderland. denng hiding from Ria when i was trying to get you to come over there. haha..hmm.. we stayed at Wunderland for..what like 30 min.or less then we walked to Starbucks. thank goodness i need a Vanilla Creme .. i was desperate. haha well when I got my Vanilla Creme i sat by myself with a empty chair while Rel and Ria was in next to me just being the cutest couple..aWwWw.. but yeah then this girl come along..with a TIE and she was asian and she had long hair just like mine when i was wearing a tie too..shootness that rocked..haha..Ria was about to say yeahh.. rock on! and im like noo.. we don't even know her. haha..but yeah..then we went to the Pee Wall. i didn't know what was it at first but once they showed me the pee on the dirrty wall, i was like okai.. that's nice. but it looks like mustard. but hey there were some big ol' sticks. We played with them and i supposedly playing drums like i was a bum and had nothing to do..haha.. then we bought our tickets to watch THE RING..gushness after that we went to Longs Drugs and bought some few items. haha. hmm.. let's see we added some of our money together to be able to buy all these cool things : a camera $5.00, Vanilla Coke $1.00, Bag of Smarties $1.00, Starburst i dk and yeah i think that was it. hehe..yeah.. I wanted to buy a camera so i could take more pictures of both of them like i have on my binder for some of you guys that saw it who are actually reading this.haha ..Yeah then we watched the movie.. Had to sit by myself because they wanted to a alone. i was sitting right in front of them and they've been kicking my chair and making me scared..dennngg and that girl was named Rachel too.. gushness..thats scary .. hmm.. im going to die in 5 or 6 days. at 10 p.m... i am scared..hehe.. well.. hmm.. that was that day. hmm.. haha and oh yeah when we went back to Ria's house i totally got scared of Ria's chairs and we started cracking up. we ate god food and went to ria's room where we listened to Avril Lavigne to get THE RING off of our minds..hahhaa. yeah..hmm.. what did i do today rae? hmm.. well it was half day today.. Patty's doing my math homework.. i was kinda lazy..hehe.. soorry.. but hmm..had Gutair practice worked for the Book Fair and the Cookie Dough Delivering thang. haha/.. deng Edwie. gotta whack me with those boxes..shootness.. and yeah everybody was looking at my binder cause i had cute cute pictures of Rel and Ria..haha..gushness. mannit. eRK. haha. hmm.. and damn Emilio and Michael made me splash Spirte on Tony's face. gosh. i hope i dont get in trouble tommorrow or else im dying too early for that matter. errr.. i didnt mean to.. he did something that i cannot speak of this moment..but he did something that made me mad, but hey i had a good reason to do that. hmm..well talking to alot of people online..haha hit me up and gimmie a holla like fa sho dirrty! 'cause its muRdA! ahh Ja RULE.. take it off.. - RaE