Saturday, November 16, 2002

iM wEaK...yes yes i am..'cause Me, Alisha, and Byn went to our first tennis was very hot, but we made it..hah. umm..first i was like..okay this is going to be fun but like when we started doing these swings and crap i was very confused 'cause you know i never really took tennis i didnt knoow what to do. not my fault. but yeh doodeness i cant swing on my left hand. gosh..i dont know its weird , im just used to my right hand. but mannit i haven't played tennis in a loong time..gosh i was just so mad at myself. 'cause im so weak, but its kinda funny how you look at it. yeh anyways when our tennis practice was done we practiced a little bit more until Alisha's father came to pick us up..but it took like forever 'cause we were waiting. sitting down on the ground talking and talking..not much..but heer father finally came. than we went to Starbucks...yeeehh i like Starbucks now...i used to hate coffee for some reason but when i tried that cool Vanilla Creme it healed tellin' you..haha..but whoo it cooled me down from the hotness. was really good..really really good..soo yeah..Alisha dropped me back home. whoo.hoo..and when i got home I ate Tapah and rice then after that i started reading my book. i needed to finish it because if i didn't finish it by today i would be so busy with other homework for the following i had to finish it yeah i did ! whoo..that felt so good..finishing that book. now all i have to do is my book report. book is called "Skipping Christmas"..i love Christmas books. makes me feel jollie like a jolliebee.. so yeah after all that me and my mama went to Plaza..aaahh!! gosh went to HOT TOPIC!! whoo..i missed it so much. but no i didnt buy anything shootness 'cause of my mama. gush. but no the people weren't working there. you know what im talking about for those people who know. hahaha..but yeah..i went to plaza to look for new shoes..yes gosh..Journeys had the ones i wanted (with the red stripes)but they didnt have my size about bad luck. mayn. but yeah deng.. hot topic..they had more new cool shirts..i wanted this shirt that says.." ..Mr Rogers: Special.." i forgot..something like that..and OOH OOH BYN!!! i saw that "Weezer, Kermit, Gutair Playing Shirt" hehe yeah.. it was like all high on the wall.. i wasnt able to reach..and i was too lazy to ask somebody because a lot of people were there ..alotta commotion..hehe..yeh.. i went home at 6:30 p.m and was very tired so i asked my brother if he can buy me food. 99 cent chinese food...whoo that saved my life. haven't had chinese food in quite a while there child. haha..yeah..while i was eating i was watching the hook up..hahahaa.., becoming avril lavigne..that was the tightness episode!!! shootness..that was the best. haha..and this one asian guy was there because it was like that girls best friend..he was finnneee about going all the way to Canada..haha no. but yeh..that was a dope music video she made.. didnt do some of the exact avril moves like she did..but hey i give her props..haha..hmm..well im tired soo.. email me 'cause nobody does so be the first special one ..hehe..see ya later mayn! RoCk OuT! - RaE pLuS ScruMp

Friday, November 15, 2002

I LOVE SCRUMP hehe... My new sn : RaE pLuS ScruMp. Hmm.. right now im talking on the tele-a-phone with Kris and Ria. haha. Ria says: "My name is Ria. yeah, and I'm proud of it..." Jump in, jump out..turn yourself around..jump in, jump out introduce I have a barney bag..yes i do.. I'll probably bring it to school one day ya knoe? haha..funnay...ok anywho. CHICKEN BREAST Tenders. hahahaha.. Ya Ria..BREAST haha..with Rice. haha.. yah um.. Woke up at 7:00, went to school, vocabulary test,kareoke/ /Two Towers Trailer...haha, Bag of Animal Crackers, Work at the bookfair, had a break, ate snacks with Kyxie,Patty, and Alisha.., threw animal crackers on patty's face..haha trying to put in her mouth..haha, and yeh.. thats about it.. hehe..haha Ria.. Blog..or Blodg....haha..shut up..anyway..i g2g now..i'll blog later..bye now! Now Every Dance! -RaE

Monday, November 11, 2002

awww...TRIA & DARRYL me and my reactions. haha.. Yesterday Me, Byn, and Darryl went to Ria's house 'cause we didn't have anything to do. So yeah..once me and Byn got there..we were like..Is Darryl here yet? and i was like He's probably in Ria's closet and guess what? once we went in Ria's room..whata u knoe? he actually was. shootness.haha well that was a good day. hehe We went online, watched Spiderman on dvd,ate chicken wings and beef jerky, walked to Patty's house and chilled out in her prettiful room,went to Michael's house, went back to ria's house and yeah I had to go and Byn too. But deng in between those cool moments. Ria and ReL..were so wowing. Kissing was the best part of seeing them do. hehe yeah i took some pictures of them. Brought my camera, but deng ran out of film. not kool. but hey looking at them kiss and hug and wow. aWwWww..its just so precious and i want a boifriend!!! ahh!! haha..well heres a little something i showed Darryl me and my songs haha..hit it CheL- rel and ria sitting on a couch... k-i-s-s-i-n first comes the lips then comes the tongue.. my oh my i think they're in love (Another one) - tria and darryl. wuta couple, love that can last forever. together,smiling at each other, kissing, and looking at each others eyes. wish that a moment like this could last a life time. tria and darryl. thats all you could say. just looking at them together you could never look away. when i look that them, nothing can change. 'cause you know why? i got skills. oh yeah and them too. - (One Last One) - Wuta feeling, a strong feeling for someone you deeply love. Ria & Rel together seems like everythings changed. Ria found what was missing and so did Rel. It's amazing how a love like this is everlasting and at the same time surprising. So turn around and look the other way, a whole life is ahead of you guys. happiness and faith will lead the way. BREAK IT DOWN Baby youre all that i want when you're lying here in my arms Im finding it hard to believe were i HEAVEN...--- whoo.. thats all what i have brought to you today. hope you enjoyed. Sweet Dreams. and take carez cause i care! peace out! - CheL