Saturday, November 09, 2002

I NEED SMARTIES Yes I do.. I don't have anymore. Ate it all. shootness. Anywho. After I got off yesterday REi called me at the right time. shoot, haven't talked to him in a loong time. Funny laughs.. haha.. Are you Rebaing? haha. gush. Well today was a very happy-go-lucky day for me ' cause it still rained. LOVE IT! I hope it rains a lot on Tuesday because I don't want to have freakin' P.E. Lordie! N/e ways I woke up at 8 a.m and ate hot pandisal..yummy yummy. then Byn called me to call Alisha to talk about Tennis. hehe.. good there was rain today because i didn't feel like playing tennis today. "...Tuesday Wensday Happy Days..." haha.. soOo.. ya we didn't go. probably next Saturday. hmm.. Well, me and mama went to Ross ( gHEttO ) bought a Cd case and a prettiful frame. hehe. Then went to Target ' cause it was right around the corner and also i needed to buy some more potato skins when i go to Ria's house tommorrow andi also bought the "Justified" Cd. FINALLY. i know i already burned it and all but since im still a TRUE Nsync fan. i just had to get the original copy. shootness. Then went to BlockBuster to rent some cool movies 'cause it seemed like the day where you know its rainning and it feels like you want cuddle in a blanket with scrump and watch a very funny movie. Rented: Mr. Deeds, Sorority Boys, and Ya Ya Sisterhood. I didn't know why we didn't rent Spiderman. My mama doesn't like action/super hero movies. Which is a bad thing because I love Spiderman. Who cannot like Spiderman? I mean come on! not kool at all. I also bought a big Stitch doll, at first I saw the Lilo doll and i was like aahhh i want goin buy this..but then i saw the Stitch and I was like okai nevermind.but deng it was like 10 dollars. not kool but i still bought it because helloo its Stitch. but nobody cant replace scrump. nobody. Stitch is still kool. part of the "favorite animal stuffed doll" stack. hahaa Well then came back home to see the movies and also here online to blog and blog and blog..then Ria and ReL called me. how thoughtful..haha. BLeH.. well tired of typing this sorry well..while im online! talk to me! 'cause im lonely without people talking to me online. probably because most people on my buddy list have their away message on. shootness. hehe. well thanks for reading. As Mr. Rogers would say : Won't you be my neighbor? See ya next time peeps. ..haaha peeps? wutaa word - R a E (ChEL)

Friday, November 08, 2002

HoLLa bAck yOunGiN' wHoOO wHoOo!! wassup homies. haha. hmm..wuta rainy friday. that's a good thing ya knoe? love rainy days.. "..Oh No thOse raiNy daYs..." ..yup yup. hmmMm..deng..okai didn't do my homework. gosh.. forgot most of my stuff in class.. deng people just have to talk to me these days.. gettin a little distracted..gush. well was a great day. i had to go to morning day care to finish and copy peoples homework that i didnt do because of some particular reasons. hmm.. deng i miss Darsie.. my cat..gosh good days good days..its okai rachel. its not your fault that shes been in a fight with the freakin' coyote..gosh..okai..thats kept in the past..hmm.deng im i mean..nothing to do nothing to say..let's see what im doing tommorrow..hmm..i might go to join tennis class with Byn and Alsha..haha..yea..i hope i dont suck or else .. goshness i have been playing tennis a lot..but im not sure if im not that good yet..hmm..well i have to go now but ill blog when the "so" hits the "on"...soo..catch ya later alligator..afterwhile crocodile. -RaE "CheL"

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

RaE is in the hoouusee.. haha ok NO. Well, im bored. So let's start from the beginning of my ordinary day. Hmm.. Woke up @ 6:30. Stupid alarm clock. Took a shower..ate breakfast and Kyxie picked me up. Went to school, brought scrump! err. Ria! you should've brought Grr..haha..okai..umm..Err..Religion.. hate Religion. annoys the heck out of me. Thank God! Today was halfness day. haha..but didn't get to watch Days. shootness. that's not good. i haven't watched it in a long time and here i it is half day. the onlee day i could be able to watch it. haha.. After school, dropped off Kyxie. Then me and my mama went to Mcdonalds to get some grub. (McChicken Sandwich) good sandwich man. haha..then went home watched usual..haha..Jos and Ria called me.. and we called Byn.. i didn't talk much 'cause i was too busy doing some homework. after i didnt most of my homework..i called Ria again..sorrie. i was bored...hahhaa Ria! Quakers!! ahhaa...fizzel mah nezzal..haha..and the Nsync Spirit all over again..shootness..and Christmas songs..denngg.. all into the Nsync days. hahaa..i was totally hyper..uhhmm..shootness before i hung up on brother Bo made a cd cover for MiFFed HosTiLitY..TiTLe: Who Stole My Shoes? very cool Paper or Plastic..another cool name. haha..i don't know..try to be creative..haha.. My Brother is finally downloading Edwi's cd.. haha...Bones Thugz and Harmony: Thug World...haha..denng.. keep begging me every single day..hehe. soorrrie..Edwi..haha Edwi.. funnay like a mug. Jane! Baha Men! LaLaLa...WOOF!!! hahaa..okai..well.. im getting bored and im gettin sleepy like a mug. so as i end my day with a sigh i hope you will come give me a holla back whenever you catch me in my riideee (eScALadE) i wish...- RaE (cHeL)