Saturday, November 02, 2002

dengit. hey everybody. wowzers Halloween at Joslyn's house was off the hook..haha..fa sho like lo' fo sho. idk. umm..yeh it was such cool time. its funny, i haven't went trick or treating in a long time. hmm..not with 9 people..haha..lets see who was there...: Joslyn, Ria, Byn, Jessi, Michael, Dan, Edwi, Alex, and Richard..hehe..i brought my camera so i can take some pictures of mama developed them yesterday..what funny tellin' yeh..haha..i should take pictures more often ! my new hobbie!!! haha..anywho. Joslyn has a big house/crib. should be on cribs. and too many pictures of her family..very loved. haha..and a nice room..mannit i havea ghetto party at my house..somewhere else..the reck..haha..umm..ill probably scan these funny pictures later..wenever my brother has time shootness. hmm.. on halloween , 31st, after school me and byn went to ria's house to get ready so her dad could drive us to jos' house. then michael came over cuz he needed a ride too..haha ash..Ria! your hair! and robyn had to help ria spiked her hair some stickyness on my hands of, ria, n byn were Goths....haha very scary..ria.scary..hmm..we got a lotta candies..that Mike Myers guy was too scary..tryin' to chase us kids..hahaa.. oh shootness !! "I wanna be an American"..sang that to some of the Mrs. Abuthnot's house..haha..awwWw.. Sister Pat!! .. we all said our like ..uhh.. Rachel Cantor....hahaa..i couldn't really see that day 'cause i broke my glasses..the old ones in fine arts..mannit. but now i have my new glasses right now..they dope. hmm..anyways the gangsters walked past us and richard tripped..haha..aww..its ok..after we all went trick or treating we went back to Joslyn's house. i thought we got lost..cuz helloo im blind. haha..we played basketball for a while and checked out our candy..then Joslyn's parents came up the drive way then we had to move our stuff from the garage. hehe..after that we ate some good pizza..(Little Ceasers)..haha..took some pictures Edwie doing some funny stuff..gotta see that picture..hahah..and alex lying down on the sidewalk..took a picture of that too..with his sign " Money 4 food" haha..wuta bum..then after we ate pizza we went int othe living room and played " spin the bottle" (shake hands)..haha..that was fun..took some pictures of the guys hugging each other. tee hee..then went outside again to play some basketball..hmm..then took some more pictures out there 'til i ran out of film..mannit!! not fair ria! better gimmie a picture..shootness.haha..took a picture of everybody's ass on byn..hahaa..wuta picture..everybody looked into j/p. then the night was over.. but me, byn ,and michael still went to ria's house to get some stuff we left..sorrie tria i didn't scream with you!! i wasn't in the mood.. tired like a mug..hehe..well.. too much out of this blog..need to rest..haha..well until next time!! see ya later! bye!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Wuta day. Heh.. well today the Haunted House was dope like whoa. I didn't look scary..[see no mor scadey] well, to little kids likethe kindergarteners. tee hee. A very tired day. i need like a smoothie. i got some of my smarties from the candy basket. i put it in my back ack and also the candy that i brought..the smiley gum bored. aol is boring,but just talking to people is alright. hmm.. i was not hanging myself on that rope tria! haha..that was darryl..haha..wuta geek. haha..hmm..well hmmm.. i could finally hear my cds now shootness..thank you Bo!..haha..hmm..did my homework....did everything except studying for vocab and history..hmm..i hate this week ..too little time. errness..hmm..let's see..what to talk about..tommorrow Halloween! thank goodness..i used to hate it.. but now..its not so bad. Gothic! well..Lauren is gothic..but she was too scared to go in the Haunted House..i mean..whats the deal?..that's not like her. gothics aren't scared of the dark..and halloween..i mean come on! haha..j/p. hmm..almost November the month of saying thanks and giving bored like usual. just read this.. hmm.. need to burn some cds..haha..well gotta go ! ttyl..bye now!