Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Today! No homework! Thank God! shootness.. hmm..well last night I was listening to Simple Plan's Cd.. wuta cool cd to listen to.. Some songs are kinda wierd..but the rest are just so taiight.. espeically "The Worst Day Ever"..get the cd! or just tell me to burn it for you for $3.00 ..haha.anywho..i always set my alarm to 6:00, but whenever I wake up from my alarm i always think to myself..yes yes ok ok ok..but then i fall back to sleep..haha..but then wake up 30 min later. haha..crazy. Hmm..well I went to school catched up on my book.."The Lovely Bones" - a very cool book.had P.E -whack. umm..ate good food..and yea..byn gave me 3 packs of SMARTIES- my favorite candie in the whole widest world..haha..and umm..had safety patrol and gutair lessons..haha..Evan is crazy. tellin me these not quite funny jokes..haha..but i dont knoe where he gets these things..hahah..and ami was talking about all these scary movies and shoot i feel like seeing them..haha the last scary movie i saw was i think..umm the Exorcist ..did i spell that right? haha..yeah it was like in my cousin's house..haha that psyhco freaky little gurl.haha..hmm..what else..I'm not like those other people who have a lot of friends and spend every single min. with them that I'm not saying in this blog because helloo.. im unwanted..u know i can be lonely at times..like wen one day ur closest friend is all good with you but the next day she's just doesnt wanna talk to you...it hurts..hmm..well anyways..i feel really depressed now..well keep in touch..if you can ...-__-