Saturday, October 19, 2002

Hey. Wassuperz peeps. heh. anywho, today was so boring. ferreal. goshness, but my cousins came over. Rich,Auntie Tess,Uncle Homer, and Nanay. and yeah. That fat black didn't come [ReI]..shoOt.. i know you're sick of mah ass.. naww.. im j/p..haha...well..i thought i was going to Edwin's party today, but I guess not. I have no idea what happen..nobody called me sucked like a mug. shootness..hmm..BUT i got my cable bacK!!!! whOO hoOo!! heLLo MtV!!!!! aahh!!! hahaa..okai..a little hyper there reallie bored like hell.. nothing to do online.. but i have 8.0 now..hmm..and its like really fast like in a really happy about that..i jsut hope that my brother doesn't freakin block this. hmm..and download isnt a biggie either...i usually download songs for like an hour..but now its just like 1 min.. about craziness..haha..hmm...i have no idea why my horoscope said that i was depressed today..not really..but bored out of my mind. yea.. i woke up today like at 9:45a.m and the first thing i did was read a book..then byn called mee and we talked to that ghetto crab ejay..haha..and i got to watch MtV!! Christina Aguilera thing..and her diary..recorded that for no apparent reason. hah. and cousins came over..and yeah!! omg!! i have acoustic gutiar..[SwaT MeET] dada suprised mee after i cleaned up the whole house..i was screaming..its really should see it..its black and ria's but bigger and black..and it looks really j/ hands hurt for typing so fast..errness..soo here online..listening to my rich and bo playing or wrestling por sumthin like that..mostly rich cuz hes too lud like whoa. haha..i wanna go somewhere tommorrow to get me off my "depression"..haha and "boredom" ..haha i wanna go to Las Vegus..mannit havent been there in a long ass time..haha.. MGM..New York New York..blah blah blah..hmm..ghetto circus circus...haha..hmmm....deng brother is like saying.."almost done rachel?"..and im like bleh..and err..i hate overprotective and teases me too much..i feel like crying cuz i hate part of my life..hmm..i still wanna watchTuck Everlasting..with my cousins fault they had to come love them..haha..okai..lata peeps..see ya in the next i dont gotta act!- RaE

Friday, October 18, 2002

.."Another day is going by, I'm thinking 'bout you all the time but you're out there and I'm here waiting...This could be the last chance to make you understand...I'd do anything..."...wowzers..that was a lil lyric of Simple Plan- I Do Anything...hehe.. well, hmm.. today is Friday..woke up went to school..had homework..had a student council meeting...had a assembly of that cookie dough fundrasing patrol with Jane...quite fun..Bo picked me up late so i went to Day care and went home when he finally a book..went to Big K-Mart...go home..on the computer..watching Pearl Harbor on DvD...haha..and that ends many things happened today..well not really..hmm.. I might see Tuck Everlasting mama likes to watch a lot of movies with me..kinda cool..haha..hmm.. i still wanna watch Abandon. Katie Holmes...and yea. haha.. I still even wanna watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding. haha.. Joey hasn't called me..the nerve...shoot...have to call Chris...sorry robyn...haha...well..hmm.. you know what I'm craving for right now? L&L...Hawaiin Subway..Sweetwater..hehe..yeah..and smoothies too.. yum.. haven't had those is a while.. you know what really sucked today? ..We didn't have any cable 'cause we're going to have cox cable...SOOO... i couldn't watch TRL...MANNIT! ERR it was like the first time i've ever missed it..omg...AVRIL WAS NUMBER 8...AAAHH!!! NOoOOoOOO!!! COME ON PEOPLE! VOTE VOTE VOTE! MTV.COM.!!! COME ON..aVRIL NUMBER ONE NOT FREAKIN CHRISTINA..SHOOTNESS..I THINK IM GETTIN CHEAPED...AHAHAA.. OKAI..BUh-bYe PEOPLe -RaE tHe R C CoLa AvriL FrEAk[MaNniT]

Monday, October 14, 2002

Hey. Well, yesterday was quite fun. The Fall Festival. Tria peformed her RAD taekuondo. haha, I went on that spinning ride like 2 times. Very cool. First, it was me,Jessica,Patty,April,Alex,and Nikko. I didn't feel dizzy on that one. weird. But i did went I went on the 2nd time. It was me,Robyn,Alisha,Tria Darryl, and the same people I went on the 1st ride with. Very dizzy. hehe, but it was fun. I felt like people were just staring at me my clothes. 'cause i had a tie on pants like avril that i borrowed from robyn and lots of ristbands on my rists, but hey avril rocks and gothic rules.haha. okai. hmm..well Kaycee's party was cool and fun. Joslyn I want a boifriend!! errr...well. okai..gota end this here. Gotta do my homework. Bye Bye Bye.[CheL]