Friday, October 11, 2002

MIFFED HOSTILITY! MiFF_iT_uP! [I did not make that up] shootness..ok ok.well hello.. I NEED MY DRUMS GUYS! and RIA NEEDS HER ELECTRIC GUTIAR..mannit. not fair. at all. I have a phat picture of me playing that phat drums at Rancho..hehe..taiight..sooo anyways..eRK.. Ria,Rob, and I are going to go to Kayces Partay..haha... and I might go to The Happy Hour Concert thang...i hope my parents let me go...Since I saw them peform at my fiesta. haha.. sOOo..hmmm.. school is okay. I still have homework to do. I'm not supposed to be online.. I'm supposed to be doing my homework. My bookreport and my Sanits report. hmm.. Well, yesterday was fun. We got to visit OLP.. or Rob- OLG Our Lady Ghetto..haha..whoa..I still can't believe that same Gym was the sam Gym on Bring It On.. mannit I should've took a picture of it. but oh well. OLP was very interesting ..I wanna take French. Seems Fun. umm... Tommorrow like i said im going to Kayce's Partay and i might see Happy Hour's Concert and on SUNday .. Fall Festival..whhoo hoo!! i never win the raffle..never ever. shoot. robyn-- Imma get cheaped..hahahaa..CLEANERS!
ok...umm..ya Nikko is going to be there and Patty's friends that i don't know. Here's the plan patty...We Jump grab him and ill take out my bat and hurt me and smack playin. CHHRRIISSS..aaahhh.. that guy. hot guy. soorryy.. okai..umm..well im getting tired..leave me a message by emailing mah ass - ---email mah ass and fyi SCRUMP is Lilo's Lilo & Stitch..hehee..well ok..gotta bounce Miffed Hostility Rocks! and aVril does too!! shootness- StAY Fresh and So ClEaN cuz its MURDA!!!