Saturday, October 05, 2002

Aye..hello. im very sick..errr...well first.. yesterday. October 5,2002 at church- St. Michael's.. the day of the Inaguration. I was in choir singing as usual..then while the Our Father cam up..i felt a little whoozie..hmm..whoozie: diizy,vision fading,hearing fading,beginning to faint,and sweating. Well yeah..since we sat down..the people that i was sitting next to me:Ghelenn,Patty, and Kyxie were noticing that i looked pale and my lips were turning white..but yeah..i was fine Chello took me to the office and i got my books and i called my mom to pick me up..i was crying and everything. i didnt get a chance to be in the Inaguration,but that was okay at least sophia told me all about it. but errrr that feeling comes and goes like in every 5 months..but im fine..better than i was yesterday. hmm..but now i and tria..we should've gone to alvin's party..haha..yeah..shoott..but ahh..i gotta..been online for too long..bye! toodles!