Saturday, September 07, 2002

YaY! OKai! Rei is herrr and we're hungray. haha. Well.. we watched alotta Jenny Jones on tv today..i just slept for an hour,but when they came rei woke up me up..mannit i wanted to sleep,but i had to get up. haha. it was funny because when i first saw him he was like tucking me into bed.hahahahahahaha. well, anywho..iTs BorEd..its 5:20 a.m and of course nobody is online. hmm..onlee Ashley Robles, but i don't rellie talk to her. hmm..YeAH wELL imma change my bLog design thang..soOoOo byE!

Friday, September 06, 2002

aHhHh!! scHOOL!
haha! Well, It's been kinda fun derr..i saw my God Sis..hehe [KiXy 96.5] haha..u funny're so cool man. Yeah..We're 8th graders...but we're short..haha..hmm..soo..deng i so have to work hard this year. Math is a biggie and also my behavior..i better not slack off or im dead like a mug. shooot..mrs. urbiztondo is so strict..soo pushie..soo..herself...gosh well i hope i do things right this year. u knoe whats rellie scary? conferences..dengit..i dont want her to yell at me for not studying and getting bad grades and crap, but i just have to pray and hope for a better tommorrow..haha what ami saying? well cousins are coming tonight. me and rei are planning to see SwimFan tommorrow..hehe..haven't seen a movie in a long time man. hmm..well for school..i have to readour first chapter to our social studies book"The Story of America"....i just want to be ahead..and i hope i dont get kicked off from student council 'cause thats a biggie too..hehe well..i can't stay online for long 'cause my brother has to go on..and i have to clean up the house. it kinda rained today like was like so cool. but now its just plan ol plan ol plan..haha..ZoURz! i thought i missed Hamtaro and Zoids today..haha..but good Kris reminded me that they dont show it today..they show some movie thang..hmm..well at school i mostly sit by alysia gosh that isnt good for me..whenever i see her i go blind..and sometimes my hearing gets infected by the way shes talking to me..haha..but ive been waiting for school..'cause summer sucks like hell..i dont like summer..of course no school and crap..and beaches..but hey i get sick of it..hehe..well..okai..i think this is kinda long now..and i think ill go now..thanks for long and goodbye my good ol friends!

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Hiya! IM STARTING TO GET SICK! Mannit! Shoot! hmm..let's see. We'll yesterday, i woke up and started to clean my room..the house(wash dishes,vacum,pick up junk..etc.) and when my mom got home from smart & final and office depot. We ate food..she got food from Con Chings..however u spell it.haha..We watched Days. Those Aliens left but gave that freakin key to Bell..hehe anywho. I went to the Novena that day. 1 word , LONER. ahh!! Well, when me and mom arrived there we realized that the gate was closed 'cause those ppl put some more cement we couldn't have our fiest thang we had to eat it inside. hmm..soo i saw Bonnie and Auntie Dona..i haven't saw them in a long time..So..we were fixing and getting prepared for the ppl to eat after church. We needed more trash bags and ice so me and bonnie went to smart & final to get them..hehe..Bonnie, i don't wanna listen to old school!!! ahh!! ..."Whoop therre it is.." haha...and i dont knoe how to drive Auntie Dona's too young! hehe..Meeting your b/f's parents for the first time eh? hehe..thats nervousness maynn..hehe..well..yah..after we did that i ran to the church..boy i was late..hehe..That's when i was startin to get sick..gosh..i was sneezing and bleh..goshness..well..after i ate i was darn okay..hehe...But people we're there that said "Hi" to me..hehe San Andres ppl were there ..Shar Shar,Kim,Ryan,PuBic..however u spell that..haha..rei..ryan and rt makin fun of him..lotta hair..haha..and i saw that hata in Minus 1 Music..hehe..i forgot her name but she is also in St. Rita's school..she played with me in basketball..we won! haha..hata! j/m..she said "Hi Rachel.." and im like "Stop talkin crap about me hata.." cuz she was with her other frend hata haha..i could hear her say when she was staring at me.."You knoe that grl..she goes to Minus 1 Music with me..should i say hi?..." and yea..well..enough about i went to buy Marstel's gift..a duck inflatable chair! hehe..i bought it in mission valley mall cuz i couldnt find any at plaza..errness..i also bought kris a gift..marstels and kris's b-day are the same day....zourz...hehe..then i ordered my uniform in royal kinda sick for reading this..bye!