Saturday, August 24, 2002

--Hello Friends!-- tee hee hello people. Well I'm like so bored right now. It is:10:50 a.m and I'm watching Mtv. Nothing else to do. Hmm..Well..OLivia came to my house the day after yesterday. Stop Cheating Olivia! haha..We played that Nsync BoardGame that I have..hahah..gosh..and uhh..yesterday Tria and Nikko went to my house..haha..yeah i knoe..omg..Nikko went to Tria's house first..then they wanted to come over to my yeah they did...we just hung out..we listened to Lizze Mcguire ..however you spell it..and go online..haha..soOo yah on monday me,rob,patty might go i dunno yet..and tria are goin go swimming..yay! gosh..soo im bored..REALLY bored...aahhh!!! We have to make a band Tria! haha..okie dokie..buh-bye! thanks for taking your time to read this crap..hehe

Sunday, August 18, 2002

HEY! Just came back from my cousins house. yah. much fun i've had. heh. we'll yah..wen we went there i made another music video..this time was Michelle Branch-"Goodbye To You"..yah! and guess what? My cousin is sending it to TRL..mtv..yah..i wish they'd put it on..gosh im scared. i made a lot of mess ups on that. haha..remember in the end rei? i say all these bad words..i mean YOU do..haha..i dont like saying bad not a bad we went to Ontario Mills...yep..i bought a jacket i wanted in anchor mom bought it for me. its like shane west's jacket in a walk to remember but its light brown and its fuzzy kind of..haha...yah..its was like 48 dollars..rellie a lot..but yeah..i cant go to the malls anymore..gosh..ima shop-o-holic..i just get addicted..haha..well tired..i wanna do something else..dont hate! buh-bye!take carez>RaE<