Friday, August 16, 2002

Hoy! haha...Today was allright. Good/Allright. Today was my dada's birthday! Happy birthday daddy! Love u much. hmm..well mama woke me up at like 9:00 a.m just to let me knoe that Michelle Branch was on the Early Show, but when i came downstairs to was just about to end. gosh, i was so mad. i wanted to sleep! AHH!! hehe..but since i was awake i decided to go online. mom made it up to mee. im glad she did. soo..once she slept...then woke up..we went to plaza. wowiez! tee hee.. i bought a snoopy sweatshirt,tie,another blue sweatshirt...and i was about to buy a tommy hilfiger messanger but it was lyke 25.00 gosh thats a lot. My mom bought a different tommy hilfiger bag for 30.00 gosh..thats a lot..i was so mad at her.. but no. Since it was my dada's birthday mee and my mama bought him 3 shirts..2 were Nautica and 1 was QuikSliver. cool.. but i wanted to get him a Sean John t-shirt..goshness..haha..eventho their shirts were so freakin long..gosh itz like XXL..gosh...haha..p diddy...uh..wut else? hmm..Oh YEH! i saw Maroon..however u spell her name..hehe first i didnt notice her cuz i didnt have my eye glasses on but when she said "uhh Rachel?" i was like "OHH HEYY!"..hehe..i kept on seeing her around robinsons may .and yeh..i saw Sharri too! yeppie! shes so talking to her rite now..hehe she was by wretzels. pretzels..yum yum yum..she said hi to me too but i couldnt see cuz agen..i didnt have my eye glasses on..gosh...hehe..well afterwardz..we were so tired..tired of shopping too much..then we were late going home.dada was already home..we couldnt surprise him..but until we got home..he surprised us..haha..he was hiding under the kitchen counter..while my mama was singing.."happy birthday old guy.."..haha..funnay...deng i couldn't go swimming with ann cuz yah like i said i went to buy some thangs..but oh well..soo..yah..after he saw the shirts we got him..we were hungray..soo..we called up my brother ,bo, and asked him where would we eat..i was cheering out.."TGi Fridays!!" haha..but bo wanted to go to yah we went..we had to meet him there..but i dunno where the hell was my other brother ryan..stoopid gay foo..haha...j/m..i ate a lot..a lot of fried rice..teriyaki chicken..b-bQ ribs..and yeh..wonton soup..yum yum yum..makes u hungray huh? now my brother is getting some good movies to rent at the new guy..clockstoppers..and other good funny movies..tee hee...hes so cool...well tommorrow im gonna go to Rancho (L.A) to see my nannay come back from the p.i yah..i miss her..and my other awesome cousins i love so much..haha...and yeh sorie ann i couldnt go to the beach with u and yer cousins..hmm.i wanted to go..gosh..i never been to the beach in a long ass hands are dead right now..soo..yeh..hope u enjoyed this wonderful day..thanks for reading it.cuz i didnt type this for nothin..tee hee..LATA HATA---itz murda---God Bless and PEACE n LOOOVVEE

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Hey Wassup People! I'm here at my house. My cousins just came over and we're never going to sleep. haha. Instead we're watching Legally Blonde. haha. Wuta movie! So..yah...i decided to write on my blog to see wats happenin' with u guys. hmm..soo yah my cousins are going to leave today afternoon. Errr..I don't want them to leave.Espeically Rt and REi..hehe..i haven't RT in a long ass time! Mannit! He's growin so much! Me and REi might go sumwhere tommorrow..might go to..uhh..bowling..movies..malls..wutever,but we need to do something 'cause they didn't come herre for nothin. hehe. I need panda right now. That reminds ME! I NEED to say farrwell to MEi! aww...She/He or leaving the San deigo Zoo..gosh..i'm going to miss him/her...Pandas are such good animals..ERRR! Makes me so mad! I want that CUTE panda to stay..gosh..thats not very sleepy...i'll sleep on Monday. Since my COOL cousins are here. I have this feeling that I should and want to go to P.I i dont knoe why? kind of..i was just wondering. I've just been there when I was a lil baby. I knoe it's damn hot there,but I wanna see all my other cousin..nieces..aunties..uncles..all my family ppl..hehe..well yah im goin to watch some movies..buh-bye!-DON't HatE!