Friday, August 09, 2002

waddup waddup peeps! tee hee..halo halo..soOo..REi..i like my new website..that is much better than the first one..i didnt like the pix on the first one..stoopid..haha..anywho reaaalllyyy bored..wut is there to say?..hmm..oh yea! my cousins are coming on saturday..whoo hoo!!yeah we're gonna have fun..huh rei?..soo..yea..okie.dokie..i feel like going to Hot To Pick to get more pins and buy..u knoe what i mean ria and robz..haha..we have to go to chula this time...allright then..bye bye..ill write in dis thang lataz..-itz murda-

Monday, August 05, 2002

hi there. my horoscope is right...heres wat it seys:Dear Aquarius, usually, you're the one who can't resist questioning the power relationships that operate in all sorts of management situations. But today, you may find yourself on the other side of the fence. Expect to have your authority challenged, although you may see little or no justification for the criticism. The seas will be choppy for a spell, but stay your course and you should sail on without any major difficulties.::: people are iming me from break ups and missing their g/fs...really..i couldn't handle talking to a person who was just dumped..its like i should just let them be..cause its a hard time for them to love somebody and knowing the person that u love doesnt have that feeling anymore..well..okie..i have nothing else to say. bye.