Friday, August 02, 2002

Hellooo..hi was cool...Robyn,Me, and Ria decided to go to the mall was very fun..yea..haha..deng that had a lot of cool shirts at Hot To pick..haha..i so wanted that Snoppy sweatshirt..and yeah deng it..Avril has the same snoopy shirt as me..that is so rad..haha..lets just say that Avril gave it to me..shes so generous..haha..anywho..i saw my cousin there and called out his name but i guess he didnt notcie me..cuz he was talking to his friend or sumthing..maynnit..nobodys online..yay todays the first day of August..hehee..1 moore month til school starts..yeppie d do ah ...cant wait..cant wait..i want this month to jes fast-foward maynnnit...eRK! ..well theres nothing else to say..i hope u enjoyed your time reading this..take carez..see yah!

Monday, July 29, 2002

HaLo. Yeppie! My cousins are back from the P.I. I hope they had a great time. I'm going there next year. I'm scared. hehe. Sorrie this is so short. Buh-Bai!