Saturday, July 06, 2002

Hey wassup..gosh " I Am Sam" is a sad movie...Yeah Robyn, I did cry. hehe. Yeah. The sleepover @ Robyn's house was fun. hehe. We rented "How High" and "Getting There". deng.. Getting There was a stupid movie.gosh.but How High was funny.really funnay.and yeah we went Bowling. Robyn got strike! Yea! you go girl!..hehe...but deng it..i was left alone with myself. I was in one team while Robyn and Tria were in one team and robyn's dad and kevin were in the other. That's why i didn'r win. Last place isnt good. haha! Well..i'm watching Kate & Leopold.Goo movie. as you can see im B O R E D. Just bought the M U R D E R I N C CD...very favorite song of course is "Down For You". whoo!!hoo!! love that song. Anywho! Just wanted to saY hI and hellO tO my good loving friends. Hope you guys having a good summer! LoVe Yah! aNd GoD Bless! You guys totally reek of awesomeness!
---A V R i L L A V i G N E----
------u N W a N t E d-----
You don't know, don't ignore. You dont want me there you just shut me out. You dont knoe me, don't ignore me. If you had your way you just shut me up. Make me go away.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Hey,Hello,hi....Wowie! The Montclar Plaza was the prettiest mall i've ever seen..omg..hehe...I wanted to shop in every store i liked but Rei wouldn't let me cuz we onlee had 2 hours..haha..deng it! Anywho! I bought this red tie that has a skull on it..really cool..i got it at hot topic i love that store..the hot topic there is bigger than what they have at Plaza was wayy much better çause they had gothic cds and more carebears and strawberry shortcake stuff..gosh..lotta stuff...maynn..i just woke up..gosh i thought it was 11 o'clock, but no its 8 o' still sleepy..i have like bangs over my eyes. Rei went to here waiting so we could go somewhere...deng i feel like eating some Krispy Kreme Donuts rite now! I have to ask my momma later çause they have one near by. Well, g2g back to sleep...nite nite.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

Hey wassup...freakin'deng it maynn! Í am so freakin'mad...oh yeah! Oh..sorrie Robyn and Tria we couldn't go swimming on monday...i knoe Robyn wanted to go so bad..but i just have to be in Rancho Cucamonga(L.A)..i had to drop off my nanny today..and yeah that's why i'm herre...dengg..sorrie i didn't tell how the movies went the other day..i think i couldn't work on my blog cuz my brother was blockin'it agen...anywho! It was tight...Robyn,Tria,Ashley,Me,and other people i di'dn't know...The movie was funnay..go watch it! It's tight! It totally reeks of awesomeness. After that we were jus chillin outside talking to people..i was talking to Kris on my cell..he wanted to go but didn't have a ride. After all that talking Tria's dad finally picked us up and we ate Subway at her house while going online..haha..erK nobody was on...well enough of what happened that day.......
Today me and rei are going to this huge mall...i forgot what it's called,but its bigger than any mall i've ever bored...just ate Spagetti..yum..okay..ill write bak when i come bak...allrighty then...ímma make a tree and LEAvE!----