Thursday, June 27, 2002

hey what happened today? Something really bad happened, but i cant tell..its too personal....well today..Bridgett and Erika came to my house 'cause(the neighbors) Auntie Venus and Uncle Ben had a party for these guests that came over..soOo we went over to get something to eat..haha Bridgett had this Barbie scooter..omg..soo cute..she was riding on it when we got outside..aww...she can skate better than Erika...haha..really i tried teaching Erika how to skate,but she can't even skate/walk on the grass..haha.. wuta goob! haha..j/m...anywho! I ate a lot..some good oL' 99 cent chinese food that went in mah belly..hahha...i ate like 5 garlic chicken wings and some good oL' RiCE! haha...and drank some pepsi too! whoo!!hehe...Yeah! it was and erika tired playing "Joy to the World" on my their funnay..we tired to match all the notes and it was just crazee...haha..deng im full...very full..but i still need a getting bored..going to Wunderland tommorrow..i'LL tell you all about it cause thats what i dO!!! haha...."....onLy fOe The RULE BAbY..."-Ja RuLe

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Hey-lo! Whooo mah daddy is back from the hospital..yayness! He can't eat any greasy food for 2 weeks pretty sad..i feel sorrie for him...on Sunday Robyn, Ashley, and Me went to take star shot pictures...they turned out pretty funny ...i look so white in them ..LoL! anywho..yeah...Ashley and Robyn invited me to go to Wunderland on Friday..and yeah im going...i wanna play Dance Maniac..i haven't played that in a long watching A Beautiful Mind right now..good movie..go watch it! go rent it!hehe..hMmMm..i went to Robyn's house yesterday...we watched Orange County and My Best Friend's Wedding....Tria was there too..i stayed there til 10p.m whoo that was late..but i didn't get in trouble...thank goodness...When Tria left to go to and rob sang karaoke...robyn mostly sang most of the songs cause i didnt really knoe it..haha sorrie...and we watched American Idol..the first time i watched it..those two gurls there are from Pop Stars..deng it they're goin all over the place...gosh..hehe..and yeah that was it of yesterday..Today was boring as usual...gosh..well im getting bored now..see yah later! Bye Bye Bye!