Saturday, June 22, 2002

Hey there..just go back from the hospital...yay! my daddy gettin' well each day..and yeah hes coming back tommorrow! whoo!!
OH Hey wassup people...sorry..deng it i didnt go online for 4 days already cause my brother blocked it the whole time..deng it..well anywho! I'll just write what i did yesterday..alright..Me,Robyn,Tria,and Patty Reyes went to the movies to watch Lilo & Stitch! Whoo!!!! haha..we saw Mrs. Pinkney and her daughter watching the same movie with us..opps i spelled her name wrong...anywho! Yeah! It was fun...we took sticker pictures...funny...Sorry i ate all the popcorn all fat now..haha! Robyn and Tria kept on makin' fun of me just cause im greedy..goshh..and remember that lady who works there said " Shhh!!!" I was lyke wtf!! Imma slap that lady right up side her head..hah! wuteverz! That was another funnay movie...i want all you guys to see it! It's really funny!! After we went to the movies, we all went to tria's house to eat pizza..yum..and go online...yeah you know tria....whoo!! you knoe what im talking about right? hahhaha!! omg! haha anywho! I'll get back to you guys later on 'cause i gotta go to the hospital to see my dad...YaY! He's coming back tommorrow..i hope he's me a favor guys? Would you please pray for my dad? That's all I'm asking...well...bye!

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Hey just go back from was fun 'cause i had a berry smoothie and got samples...yummie yum yum..anywho when this guy in a blue shirt passed by me..i was like thinking in my head....Was that Kris?...i was like turning back..i followed him right? but not making him notice...then we he turned around he was this other dude i was like whoa he looks like Kris..haha..i keep on finding people who look like my frends that was when i thought i saw robyn at family loompa funnay..well day is not over yet..its just 1:46 pm..bye for now---" I wanna be yer chic " " I wanna be down for you.."

Monday, June 17, 2002

Hey just got got home from Mission valley reeked of awesomeness..haha..First Me,my mama,Bo, and Ate. Ailene went to go eat at Pasta Bravo...yummie good food it was so funnay 'cause on our way we were in separate cars right? Me and my mama in one car..and Bo & Ailene in the the other..on our way there we raced to which car would arrive in Goode Street first..of course we won..duhh..soo obvious..deng it..hehe..after we ate me and my mama went to mission while Bo & Ailene went to all the blockBusters to find Stitch dolls..the big ones so they can buy me one and ate. one hehe..but too bad they didn't find any at all..deng it..i wanted one too..freakin all that gas for nuttin..maynn oh maynn..stitch is tight..hes so cute and adorable..hehe..anywho...when i went to mission i saw a lot people from my Chad and his family..Jaye, Ryan,and William and his family..deng I see William everywhere..haha..really i do..i saw him at blockbuster and other places i cant say cuz i dont wanna type that hand hurts cause when i was doing my blog the phone rang and i typed all that ish for nuttin..shOoOo!! yeah anywho..Kris and robyn called me my cellphone today..they crazy..hehe..j/p..alright..i have to go call them right..hope they not busy or imma slap them..deng it---
Hey everyone....really early in the morning rite now..i woke up early wen i slept at 1:10 am..gush people..hehe..yeaH Kris & Tria called me last night..or should I say today..hehe..they're soo KuhL...they like linkin parK.....don't worrie guys...i will like linkin park if Kris could gimme a copyof the cd..can yu Kris? hehe...i jus like the lyrics..they're so deep that it makes me cry..reallie it does..its not an act...when I was in that chatroom that Kris made..i felt all emotional..i dunno..i think it was tria...hehe..jus trickin' was just a sudden feeling that came over i have to be a better person...wowneSs..hehe remember..."It's getting hot herre, so hot, so take off all your clothes, i am gettin' so hot i wanna take mah clothes ofF" It's HERRE, not HERE...or whatever kris was talkin about..hehe..well i have nothing else to do but write in my bloG..that's how bored i am...crazy..heh"What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" I was just watching that commerical on tv..hehe..i dunno im a alergic gosh...Cuz im watching Regis & KeLLy....recording the musical artists...Britney Spears & Bow Wow..Bow Wow isn't "LIL" anymore...deng but he is HOT!! I saw him in the britney spears concert last time...uhh..the first britney concert i went to...he is hot...gottta admit..shOoOoo..hehe..anywho....i didn't knoe that Kelly Osbourne sang"Papa Dont Preach"....from Madonna..deng..where was i? My brother just told me that..deng so so freakin borEd..i'll prollie write again when i come bak from Los time!!! whOoO hOoO!! Don't forget to IM mah *** sometime!! alright? leavin' mah marK fOe tHe laSt miN.!!!ByE bYe Bye, BYE BYE!!(NsyNc)------

Sunday, June 16, 2002

HAPPY PAPA'S DAY!!!oR HAPPY FATHER's DAY!!!! whOOoOooOO!!! dAddY'Z RULEEE!!!! I'm a dAddy's girl..and a mama's girl..hah! anywho! Today, Erika came again..she's such a gooB...she came ovEr and started getting crazy. She was gettin' freaky with the treadmill,beEn making fart nosies,and being just annoying like she is. Deng it! She's CRAZY! hEhEaAhA!! After that, Me,DadDy,MaMa,Auntie Venus,Uncle Ben,Beverly,& JeFf went to V.I.P restaurant. BOY OH BOY WE HAD A GREAT OL' TIME!! Yummy foOd too! deng getting taller than Beverly & JeFFery...i think Beverly is 25..and Jeffery is 19..deng...they're growing so hoo..I liked their roast beef and BarB-Q ribs..deng that was so good..i could still taste it..we went @ 7:00 p.m...and there were some hot guys there too..though it WAS packed with a lot people since it was father's day...haha...just not like that..but Erika didn't come she already ate at her auntie's house[near my house] eating some Barb-Q...Barb-Q..i don't know...i sey that..hehheahhahaa...alrighty then...tommorrow is and my mom might go to Los Americas to exchange my some pants..hah! Hope we do or i dun be bored...did i sey that right rei? jus makin shure...well imma bout tah enD this script..sEe yaH...TiL tHe neXt episoDe----