Saturday, June 15, 2002

Hey there. My Name is Rachel Amanda Cantor.I love smoothies,pretzels,pandas,lilo & stitch,shopping,Mtv,the movie Serenedipity..speaking of Serenedipity..have you ever been cubed? hah! I'm hyper right now..I'm like singing Shakria..."Underneath your clothes there's an ending story.There's a man I chose. There's my territory and all the things I derserve..being such a good girl..being such a good girl hunnah!" Im a freak..alright enough of that crap....Today was so freakin' boring. I didn't go anywhere today. I suppose to go with Robyn and Ashley to chula vista mall today, but my mom would'nt let me 'cause I've been going everywhere since the last day of school. Deng it! I wanted it go. Better than staying home eating and watching Kim Possible..don't hate I love that show..hahhahehhe!Anywho! I wanna go back to school...i miss all my friends...all the homework...all the teachers....all the crazy! I have nothing to say for today, but shure to check my blog later on for some good stuff I've done everyday. See yeah later alligator...afterwhile crocodile..[Jessica]..I still remember that..Bye Bye mrs american pie..
hEY there gush people! heh! anyways..i haven't been doing my blog in a while cause my brother keeps on blocking aol..gush...i still love him..hah! not! i went to see Scooby Doo Today! whoOo!! It was so funnnnayyyy!!! sOoooOO would'nt believe..go and see that movie..its like the greatest! deng its 12:10 a.m deng what's wrong with me? hah! Anywho..Lemme start over to the first thang i did when i woke up..cuz duhh this is my freakin blog..i have to sey everything..Well, today Robyn called me and WOKE ME UP[Not mad, but still sleepy] at 9 a.m To decide what time we should go to watch scooby was so crazy..but worked out okkk....Ann and I were the onlee ones who arrived...ann n me went at 1:20..robyn and mother wind went at was crazy..i could'nt contact them because my stupid brother had the cellphone..freakin guy...all his fault...after we watched that kuhl movie ann n me walked to carl's jr to get something in our belly's.hah!It was a long walk..but a great exercise..hah! After that...we went to plaza bontia..CRAZY!! We went there..yah..we so tired,my feet were worser than ever,hungry,still hungry,played DDR and failed on the last stage,stayed there forever,tried calling robyn but no one was there, and it was crazy..everything crazy..well that was my day what about you guys? ERR!! Tommorrow..I gotta fix myself up and drink some smoothies..or play basketball in the recreation center with friends..ahhh..i just remember something..Kevin's leaving tommorrow!! awww!!! im gonna miss his stupid face,annoying voice,her annoying sisters, and crazy house fulled with yummy food..hahahaha..crazy kid...he better say good-bye to me gonna be mad if he doesn't not good..eww..what am i saying? hahaha..anyways..ijm getting sleepy..i'll write to this later on -BeD time BeaR signing oFF--

Sunday, June 09, 2002

hey there wassup...todays got home from church...we were late soOo..we had to sit outside where it was freezing already sick..i don't wanna get any worse..gosh peoplez..anywayz..i might go to the mall agen..but with my mama...i told everything i wanted to buy but didnt have enough money...ahh i can't wait i love that mall...reighnan is out there doing computer shit...what a genius..hes so freakin smart...i wish i had his brain..gushie mushie...i have to be so freakin dumb...eerrrr skool tommorrow..i dunt wanna go...i wanna stay home and watch days of our lives and passions..hehe...while eating chinese food..whoooo....thats wut im talking is boring..well not really...i dunt even knoe why yall reading my crapy blog...well bye...