Saturday, June 08, 2002

Hey there..omg!hehe...i deleted my other posts cause it was too shity..hah! Just laugh at my blog go ahead..I don't give a shit...haha..i don't say that...forget i jus said....i don't say bad words.....I'm here L.A....reighnan's house...its really boring...very boring..but we're going to the mills pretty soon soOo...yah! the school year is almost over! YaY! i can't wait 'til 8th grade..i wanna graduate now! right now! I wanna get out of that hell hole..gosh....maynn...Mr. Humphrey is gaY....Sister Pat was BORED!!!!There's nothing to say..nothing to do..It's my nanny's birthday todai...yay! whooo!!Thats why I came here...surprised her..cuz my mama called nanny this morning and she said that she couldn't make it to rei's house cuz she had work...when we got there..we were like SURPRISE!!We haD a cake and everything..that cake is really yummy in my tummy..hehe..i edited my blog...i really just went to Ontario Mills...really fun..really realy and rei...went to a lot stores like...Hot Topic,Sirens[had a DJ],Gameworks,Vrigin MegaStore,Book Stores,and went to a nice ol'"resturant..We jus ate pizza..and fries..really yummy...cuz reighnan had 95 dollars..soOo..yah..he needa mama gave him 5 dollars which wasnt fair..haha..anyways..wen we were and him startin talking about our future[what the hell were we thinkin],remember rei!!!TREVOR!!!!haha...that was hella funnay..we were like the loudest ones there...i mean whoa!! was pretty funny tho...cuz i kept laughing and didnt realize that i was still eating...were slow eaters..we jus drank water...and we ate the bread first..and rei asked Chris[the waiter] was the bread free?...he was laughin at said of prob..i was laughin sooo loud..mah God!!you would'nt believe how much i laugh with my cousin..he is so funny..hes like the funniest guy in the whole wide world..we loves Britney..and all that crap..hes tight..hes playin Britney's Dance Beat right about a fan..gosh..maynn..he needs a g/f..haha..j/p.....well gotta chatting to a lot of peeps.ill type later on on mah blog..take carez..xcarebear pinayx has signed off..buh-bai